ZALMAN ZM-GP2 METEOR BIG GAMING MOUSE PAD 78x35cm 30.7x12.7" Size Microfiber

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The Zalman ZM-GP2 is a gaming mat for you to rely on. The fabric surface will handle all kinds of sensors and will allow the precise control of your mouse even when it is set to a high sensitivity. With its special coating, you can expect your mouse to react with maximum speed and fluidity in every situation . It has an anti-slip base and is very wide which will give you increased stability and plenty of space whenever it is needed. As a result of its wear-resistant material it should last for many years to come.
- The surface has a special finish to ensure the maximum accuracy whilst in use
- It enables fast and smooth responses thanks to a special coating
- It has a large width and a non-slip base which help to ensure reliability
- It will have a long service life as a result of its wear resistant material
- It is made from environmentally friendly materials
- Material: Textile surface
- Width: 780 mm
- Height: 350 mm
- Depth: 3 mm
- Weight: 510 g

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