PNY NVIDIA Quadro NVS 300 512MB DDR3 PCI-E VCNVS300X16-PB Low Profile Video Card

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Having been thoroughly evaluated to ensure its capability to run major business applications, the NVS 300 has the proven ability to drive two VGA, single link DVI, display ports as well as up to two HDMI displays. Dual HDMI support enables transport of video and audio to HDTVs and other HDMI-capable devices. Because this has integrated NVIDIA Mosaic and NVIDIA nView technologies, you are able to span and effectively control your Windows desktop computer, even across more than one display at once. This NVIDIA power management system has the technology built in to reduce your system's total energy costs. The PNY assesses the applications you have running on your computer and adjusts the amount of power your graphics subsystem uses accordingly. This way, your system makes the most of the power it uses, and you save money while gaining a more reliable system. A genius low profile design and flexible form factor design maximize the ability to fit into any existing installations without disruption. As a result, you get a computing experience that delivers eye-appeal and fast performance when you use this NVIDIA NVS Quadro 300 graphics adapter. This is a video card that can support a resolution of up to1900x1200. This NVS 300 has the capacity to power 1080p movie viewing and other high-powered media options. The PNY has a DMS 59 that connects to dual DVI adapter ports for you can hook up two monitors, giving you a 2548x1560 resolution at up to 85 Hz. And, you even get this full power level when converting from DVI over to VGA compatibility. This unit deliver 512 MB worth of DDR3 SDRAM memory by using a single PCI express 2.0x16 interface, and that makes it an adapter that works well for most applications. This adapter plugs into a single slot in your hard drive and can be used with both small or standard computer systems that run Windows or Linux. If you are adapting your PC to enhance its power for business or for home use, this PNY video card is perfectly designed to fill your needs. This powerful graphics adapter drives ultra-high resolution panels using integrated display technologies and produces phenomenal photo-realistic image quality from a range of display connectors. With support for two simultaneous displays, including single-link DVI, Display Port, VGA, or HDMI, you can get the most production out of your machine. This NVIDIA UDA is designed to make it easy to upgrade your system to new NVIDIA products by ensuring the newest drivers support all previous NVIDIA products. The NVIDIA nView Advanced Desktop is designed for high visibility and ease of use. CUDA’s parallel computing architecture allows for a dramatic increase in computing performance by harnessing the power of the GPU. The NVS 300 contains 16 CUDA parallel computing cores compatible with all CUDA accelerated applications. Providing a smooth expereince when operting your desktop computer is what the NVS 300 does best. NVIDIA Mosaic technology allows for you to use up to eight display screens. The ability to work on several displays at once or one just ultra-high resolution display while you use a single or even multiple NVS graphics cards gives you more options.
Product Identifiers
Brand PNY
Product Line NVIDIA Quadro
Model NVS 300 by PNY
UPC 0751492490052
Main Specifications
Type Graphics adapter
Interface PCI Express x16
Graphics Processor NVIDIA Quadro NVS 300
API Supported DirectX 10.1
Memory Size 512MB
Max Resolution 2048 x 1536
Max Monitors Supported 2
HDCP compatible Yes
Compatibility PC
Graphics Processor Manufacturer NVIDIA
Memory Technology DDR3
Expansion / Connectivity
Compatible Slots PCI Express 2.0 x16
Video Output
Digital Video Standard Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
Video Input
Input Type None
ENERGY STAR Qualified Yes

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