NEW Neo Forza ZION NFS01 SSD 128Gb SATA 6Gb/s 2.5" TLC Laptop Solid State Drive

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ZION NFS01 2.5″ SSD Spec

Model No. NFS01
Capacity 120GB/128GB/240GB/256GB/480GB/512GB/960GB/1TB
Form Factor 2.5"
Controller SM2258XT
Dimensions (MM) 100.45 x 69.85 x 7
Weight 47.5g
Interface SATA 6Gb/s
Performance(Max) 120GB/128GB R: 400-560 W: 400-490
240GB/256GB R: 420-560 W: 420-510
480GB/512GB R: 420-560 W: 420-510
960GB/1TB R: 420-560 W: 430-520

*Actual performance may vary due to available SSD capacity, system hardware and software components, and other factors
Operating temperature 0°C-70°C
Storage temperature -40°C-85°C
Shock resistance 1500G/0.5ms
MTBF 1,500,000 hours

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