NEW Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal 3.5 grams Paste Kit Overclocker Cooling CPU

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TM30 Performance Thermal Paste





Volume / Net Weight


Thermal Conductivity

3.8 W/mK


CORSAIR TM30 thermal paste helps you push your PC to its limit, with a low-viscosity premium zinc oxide thermal material that’s easy to apply. TM30’s ultra-low thermal impedance ensures high-efficiency heat transfer between your hardware and cooler, lowering temperatures and allowing for higher clock speeds.


Net Weight: 3g

Thermal Conductivity: 3.8 W/mK

Thermal Impedance: 0.01°C -in2/W

Viscosity: 2300K cPs

Specific Gravity: 2.5g/cm3




Enthusiast CPU Thermal Compound: Premium Zinc Oxide based thermal compound for optimal thermal performance


Cools your CPU and GPU: Install new, or replace existing thermal compound on your CPU and GPU to improve heat transfer and lower temperatures


Improved CPU Cooling: Ultra-low thermal impedance lowers CPU temperatures vs common thermal paste


Fill in the Gap: CORSAIR TM30’s low-viscosity allows it to easily fill microscopic abrasions and channels in your CPU and cooler, for maximum thermal transfer area


Long Life: CORSAIR TM30’s high-stability liquid compound lasts for years with no drying, cracking or change in consistency


Safe For You And Your PC: Non-conductive, non-toxic and contains zero volatile compounds

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