NEW CG MOBILE IPhone XS MAX FERRARI HERITAGE 488 Genuine Leather Hard Case Black

Product Code: 254210826903

Availability: In Stock

Price: $36.90

Target: iPhone XS Max

★ Model number: FEH488HCI65BK

★ Feature: It is a hard case of

an unparalleled genuine style

Ferrari official licensed product.


A beautiful hard case designed with high quality genuine leather and an image of Ferrari 488.


At the upper center, Ferrari's three-dimensional limited logo is laid out.


Because it is a solid package, it is also recommended for gifts.


Material: Genuine leather + TPU + PC

wireless charge: Supported


* Wireless charge (Qi) with this product installed may not work properly, but it is not a product defect of this product. In that case, please remove it from the case or charge it with a lightning cable.

【Yu packet target item】

This is a Yu packet delivery possible item. You can use the Yu packet that can be delivered by post posting. ※ In the case of multiple item simultaneous purchase, it may not be delivered by Yu packet.

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