NEW Antec Prizm 120 RGB Dual-Ring Case Fan 7-Color RGB Light PWM 4-pin AN3-P1200

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Model   Prizm 120 RGB

Fan Type              PWM Fan

Dimensions (mm)            120*120*25 mm

Bearing Type      Hydraulic

LED Type              RGB

Fan Speed (RPM)             2000 max.

Airflow (CFM)    45.03 max.

Air Pressure (mmH2O)  2.56 max.

Fan Noise Level (dBA)    32.6 max.

Lifespan               40000 hours

Connector           Fan: 4 pin ; RGB: 4 pin

Rated Voltage   FAN: DC12V ; LED: DC12V

Operating Voltage           FAN: DC6.0-13.8V; LED:DC9.0-13.8V

Rated Current (A)            FAN: 0.18A±20% ; LED:0.30A±20%

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