Men Fashion Jewelry Cylinder Perfume Fil Pendant Necklace Chain Fragrance SILVER

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Men Fashion Jewelry Cylinder Perfume Fill Pendant Necklace Chain Fragrance




Perfume Jewelry


And introducing Refillable Fragrance Jewelry Collection! 

Exclusively Unique fragrance jewelry line combines fashion, style and function. 

Simply spray your favorite fragrance on patented AbsorbPearls for long-lasting scent diffusion. 

Control the scent level by adding or removing AbsorbPearls. As scent fades, just remove AbsorbPearls and re-spray. To change fragrance, spray with fresh AbsorbPearls. 

Styles available for both Men.

The item includes 3 slow release capsules.

Cylinder Sizes: Height- 35mm. Diameter- 7mm.

Comes with Chain !

Color: Silver

Check Here for more Colors!











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