Lenovo 11"/12" Laptop Ultra Slim Sleeve Gray Bag Case Tablet Notebook GX40P57134

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The 11-12” Ultra Slim Sleeve is designed for Lenovo ultra-slim and detachable laptops. Made of durable soft-touch fabric with three pockets, thes sleeve is especially suitable for carrying and protecting your laptop every day. Its unique, stylish design combines good taste with high quality.
Highly durable and soft-touch microfiber
Durable microfiber provides overall laptop protection by preventing it from scratches, dirt and slipping. thick and a soft finish make it easy and comfortable to carry throughout the day. 
Separate pockets for laptop, cable and pen
Lenovo Ultra Slim Sleeve has three pockets: the main compartment is designed
for the laptop.The second compartment can be used for keeping cables documents, and other small items. The third pocket is available for a touch-pen or traditional writing utensil.
Easy-to-carry unique ultra slim design
Simple design language, high-class grey and soft-touch fabric make the sleeve standout and stylish. Perfect size and space make it very convenient for all-day carrying and use.
Dimensions (W x D x H): 338 x 255 x 15
Weight: Starting at 0.63 lbs (288 g)

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IdeaPad™ 120s
IdeaPad™ 110s
Miix 720
Miix 520 (Yoga™ Go 520)
Miix 710
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