Cisco MS120-24P-HW Cloud-Managed Switching Small Branch Office SFP 24 Port PoE

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Product Description

For smaller operations, the Cisco Meraki MS120-24P could be an excellent entry point into Meraki networking, with a robust design that guarantees it can find use in a variety of roles throughout your organization.  Twenty-four Gigabit Ethernet ports along with a 370W PoE power budget gives it extra versatility, while virtual stacking support allows you to quickly and simply expand your capacity by adding additional units.


As with all Meraki products, the MS120-24P features zero-touch deployment.  It can be installed and operational within five minutes, automatically self-optimizing to work alongside any other Meraki devices attached.


The Meraki MS120-24P offers total oversight and control over your network, while remaining simple to use and to administer.  The Meraki Dashboard gives you the ability to configure your dashboard views to provide whatever at-a-glance information you need, while being able to drill down to any level of usage or access for additional data or configuration. 


The Cisco Meraki MS120-24P includes:


24 Gigabit Ethernet ports

4 Gigabit SFP ports

370W PoE power budget

1RU size

Virtual stacking capabilities

Zero touch provisioning

Universally-accessible Meraki Dashboard GUI

Full visibility and control over thousands of ports and apps

Automatic cloud-based software\firmware updates

Cable failure testing

Smart self-healing mesh architecture

Configurable email and\or SMS alerts

Real-time troubleshooting tools

1, 3, 5, 7, or 10-year licenses available

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