Cisco MS120-48FP-HW Cloud-Managed Switch Small Branch Office SFP GigE 740W PoE

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Product Description

Meraki MS120-48FP


Designed for mid-sized offices and networks with a significant investment into networked appliances that require PoE power for full functionality, the Cisco Meraki MS120-48FP has superior PoE support.  All forty-eight Gigabit Ethernet ports support PoE+ power draws, from a total power budget of 740W.  This provides plenty of support for power-hungry devices, and helps ensure your 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi access points and beyond can operate at full capacity.  Expansion is also simplified with the MS120-48FP, with its support for virtual stacking with other MS120-series units.  Whether they're local or remote, they can be quickly stacked together in software for simple configuration.  As with all Meraki hardware, adding new MS120 switches is greatly simplified.  The system automatically detects all new registered devices, configuring them based on shared policies without human intervention needed.  Then it optimizes the system to make full use of the new hardware, while also installing any new updates automatically as they become available - all without any interruption or downtime.  Meraki is the networking system which can practically administer itself, although admins still have plenty of control through the powerful Meraki Dashboard GUI. 


Each MS120-48FP includes:


48 Gigabit Ethernet ports

4 Gigabit SFP ports

PoE support with a 740W power capacity

1RU size

Virtual stacking capabilities

Zero touch provisioning

Universally-accessible Meraki Dashboard GUI

Full visibility and control over thousands of ports and apps

Automatic cloud-based software\firmware updates

Cable failure testing

Configurable email and\or SMS alerts

Real-time troubleshooting tools

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