Cisco Meraki MX100-HW Firewall Cloud Managed Security Appliance 750Mbps Firewall

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MX100 - Meraki Firewall - MX100-HW

MX100The Cisco Meraki MX100 is a high-powered security appliance, able to support large branch offices or buildings on an extended campus, with up to 500 concurrent users.  A total of 11 network ports guarantee high levels of throughput.


This smart Meraki firewall includes a host of features vital for any modern WAN deployment.  Beyond the 750Mbps firewall, it includes smart onboard anti-virus and anti-phishing systems that keep themselves automatically updated via cloud servers.  It allows for a wide variety of user content filtering and throttling, with per-application settings and a 1TB hard drive for web caching.  Onboard VPN systems can support 250 concurrent sessions, protected by IPSec authentication systems.


Yet, the MX100 Meraki security appliance is simple to deploy, configure, and maintain from day-to-day.  Most features are automatic, and the entire Meraki line of products can be managed as a single pane of glass, through the Meraki Dashboard web-based GUI.


The Meraki MX100 can bring you:


Max total firewall throughput: 750Mbps

VPN throughput: 200Mbps

VPN sessions supported: 250

Recommended total users: 500

8 Gigabit Ethernet ports + 2 Gig WAN

2 Gigabit SFP ports

USB interface for 3G/4G wireless fallover

1Tb hard drive with web content caching

1RU form factor

Self-configuring Auto-VPN with IPSec logins

Meraki Dashboard allows simple Cloud-based administration

CIPA-certified Content filtering, with Google Safesearch and YouTube For Schools

Built-in Smart intrusion detection, anti-virus, and anti-phising systems

Firmware and security systems automatically update from the cloud

Advanced Security License optional

1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 year options for Meraki license

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