CG MOBILE IPhone X/XS FERRARI Racing PU Leather Soft Touch Carbon Flip Booktype

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Product information

Case of Ferrari official license to enjoy iPhone X and XS more.


Design attached with a 3D-shaped scudt badge.

It is an accent that the letter of SF is engraved on the lower right.

The lid is a type that is not fixed by a magnet or the like.

Inside the lid comes with 2 cards.


We can connect to Lightning connector for charge with the body attached to case.

As we do not cover the speaker part, we can enjoy music.

The camera hole is also open, so you can shoot as it is.


※ This product does not support wireless charge, Apple Pay.

Please remove it from the case when charging, or use the lightning cable.


Color: Black

Material: synthetic leather + rubber

Package Size: 11 × 19 × thickness 2.5cm

Made in China


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