Brand NEW Flo Refillable Fragrance Atomiser Travel Perfume Bottle PINK 6ml 0.2oz

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 NEW Flo Refillable Fragrance Atomiser Travel Perfume Bottle

Color: Pink

Size: 6ml / 0.2oz

        FLO Fragrance Atomizers
The only “universal” atomizer – designed to fit EVERY fragrance bottle: just spray into the patented silicon mouth to fill the atomizer. Completely washable and re-usable for different fragrances. Flight & Travel Safe! Leak proof.Glass receptacle for perfume to ensure it will never change composition or irritate skin. Laboratory approved. Everyone’s favorite portable fragrance solution now available in a rollerball application!Many colors, special patterns and embellishments available in 4.7ml / 6ml / 10ml capacities.

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