ASUS USB3.0 HZ-3B Laptop Notebook Docking Station USB 3.0 DVI HDMI Audio LAN

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ASUS USB3.0 HZ-3B Laptop Notebook Docking Station USB 3.0 DVI HDMI Audio LAN


Comes with EU Plug.



Power up for productivity


    19V DC output with four different power adapter jacks (33W, 45W, 65W, and 90W) for compatibility with almost all ASUS laptop models

    Plug a single USB 3.0 cable from the docking station into your laptop's USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port for greater connectivity options for displays, peripherals and other accessories

    Four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (5 Gbit/s) ports

    HDMI and DVI-I ports provide dual display support for 32-bit color, 2048 x 1152 resolution monitors

    Gigabit Ethernet port for 10/100/1000 Mbit/s speeds

    Slim design ideal for laptops

    Adjustable stand props up laptops for better viewing angles and improved airflow

    Kensington Security Slot for device protection




The ASUS USB 3.0 HZ-3A Docking Station is a one-step upgrade for your laptop, giving you greater connectivity options for displays, peripherals, and other accessories. It features 19V DC output and four different adapter jacks, making it compatible with almost all ASUS laptop models. It has the latest drivers and firmware for Windows 10 and earlier, and offers full backward compatibility with USB 2.0 PCs and devices. A HDMI port and DVI-I adapter helps increase productivity – you can mirror or extend Windows desktop on two external monitors at resolutions of up to 2048 x 1152. The docking station also includes a fast Gigabit Ethernet port (10/100/1000 Mbit/s), audio input/output, and four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports.

Dual Mode Display



    USB 3.0 HDD

    DC 19V in

    DC out (Charging for NB)


    USB 3.0 HOST

    DVI output

    HDMI output

    Audio out


    Microphone in


    Security Lock



    USB 3.0 Device


Charging Your Notebook


Select the right adapter jack for your notebook to charge it directly from the docking station.


Adjustable stand props up laptops for better viewing angles and improved airflow


The slim design fits Ultrabooks perfectly.


Plug in a single USB 3.0 cable to connect your displays and accessories.


    USB Ports

    USB 3.0 downstream port for USB 3.0 device

    USB 3.0 upstream port for computer side

    I/O Ports

    1 x MIC in port

    1 x Audio out port

    4 x USB 3.0 port

    1 x DVI-I port

    1 x Standard HDMI port

    1 x 10/100/1000M LAN port

    1 x DC-in jack

    1 x DC-out Jack

    Video Resolution

    DVI-I Single Output: 1280*720(16:9) 1280*768(16:9) 1360*768(16:9) 1440*900(16:10) 1600*900(16:9) 1680*1050(16:10) 1920*1080(16:9) 1920*1200 (16:10) 2048*1152 (16:9)

    HDMI Single Ext. Output: 1280*720(16:9)/1280*768(16:9)/1360*768(16:9)/1440*900(16:10)/1600*900(16:9)/1680*1050(16:10)/1920*1080(16:9)/1920*1200 (16:10)

    OS Support

    Windows® 10 , 32bit/64bit

    Windows® 8.1 , 32bit/64bit

    Windows® 8 , 32bit/64bit

    Windows® 7 , 32bit/64bit

    Minimum System Requirement

    CPU:INTEL 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon II X2

    RAM: 2GB

    Recommended System Requirement

    INTEL CORE I5 or I7 2Ghz UP / AMD Athlon X3 UP

    RAM: 4GB

    Power Adapter



    Kensington lock






    Support Charging NB Models:

    ø3.0mm*1 UX21E/UX31E/B121/EP121


    T300FA, T300CHI,T200TA



    ø4.0mm*1 UX21A ,UX42VS,UX50,UX52VS,1015U/E,S200




    X102BA/MA,X200CA/LA/MA,X202E,X453MA, X553MA,C200MA,C300MA,E502MA, E402MA.E403SA,


    T200CA, UX31A/LA,UX32A/UX32LA/VD,UX302LA/TX201LA(with docking)/TX201LAF/UX31LA,UX302LA/LG,X202E

    TAICHI21/31,U38CA/N/DT/,UX301LA,UX302LA/T300LA/TD300LA/UX303LA/UX32LA, UX305CA/FA/LA,X302LA, TP300LA/LJ/UA,


    X302LJ,UX301LA, UX302LG, UX303LA/LB/LN, UX32LN, TP300LD/LJ, K401LB, X556UJ"

    ø4.5mm*1 90W B Series:


    65W B Series

    BU201LA,B400A/VC,B551LA/LG,PU301LA,P500CA,PU401LA, BU401LA/LG, PU551JA/LA/LD,PU451LD, PU550CA,P452LA/LJ/SA/SJ,P552LA/LJ/SJ,P751JA,"

    ø5.5mm*1 33W:

    X551MA, X451MA,X751MA




    A42F,A46CA,A8L/F/H/E,A52F/JB/JK,A7C/D/F/G/J/M/S/U/V,A72F, A9, B23E,B33E, B43A/E/F/S, B53A/E/F/J, B50, B51,B80, F3L/F/H/Q, F5GL, F50GX/Q/Z, F52, F6A/E, F80CR/L/Q, F82, F83T, F9E/F, K40IJ/IN/IL/C, K42F,K43A/BE/BR/BV/BY/E/U,K45A/VD/VG/VM/VS,K46CA/CB/CM,K450LC, K50IJ/IN/IL/C,K52F/N/JB/JK,K53BE/BR/BY/E/U/Z,K54C/L,K55A,K501LB/K550CA, K56CA/CB/CM,K60, K62F, K70IJ, K72F, K73BE/BR/BY,K84C/L/LY, M51A/E, N10, N20A,N541LA,N591LB,P31F,P42F,P43E, P45CA/VA, P50, P52F, P53E,P55VA, PL30JT, PL80JT,PRO35F, P81, P82F,PU500CA,Q500A ,Q501,R1E, R1F ,S300,S301LA/LP,S46CA,S56CA,S300CA,S301LA/LP,S400/CA,S405CA,S451LA,S500CA,S550CA/CB/CM,S551LA/LB,R405CA, S6, S7,TP500LA/LB/LN, TP550LA/LD/LJ, U1, U2,U24A/E,U31F,U32U/VM,U33JC, U35JC.U35F,U36SD/jc,U43F,U45JC,U46E,U47A, U5, U6E/Ep, U50,U52F, U53F,U56E, U80, U81A,U82U,UL20FT, UL30Vt/Jt, UL50/VF, UL80V/Vs/Jt/VT, W5,X501A, W6, W7,X402CA,X44C/L/LY,X45A/C/U/VD,X301A/ X35F,X401A/U, X450CA/CC/CP/CF/EA/EP/LD/MD/MJ/VE/VP,X45/WE,X455LB/LD/LF/LJ/LN/YI,X501A/U,X502CA, X51,X55A/C/VD/U, X550BA/BP/CA/CC/CL/DP/EA/EP/LA/LB/LC/LD/LN/MD/MJ/VB(65W)/VL/WE/ZA,X552VL,X555DG/LB/LD/LF/LI//LJ/LN/UB/UJ/YI, X58,X75A,X750LB/LN,X751LA/LB/LD/LJ/MD/MJ,X756UB/UJ,X80, X81,X84C,Z65R,


    A40JY/JZ, A42F/JB/JC/JE/JK/JN/JR/JV/JY/JZ,A43SA,A45DE/DR, A52JC/JR/N,A7C/Cd/D/G/Db/Dc/F-/Gb/Gc/J/Jb/Jc/T/K/S/SV/SN/V/Vb/Vc,A72JK/JR/JT, A8D/J/M/N/S/T/Z,B33E,B43J/V, B53J/S/V, F3A/E/J/K/M/P/S/T/U, F5SR/SL/Z/C, F50S, F6S/V, F7, F70, F8, F80S, F81, F83Se/Vf, F9D/J/S, G1, G2P, K40AB/AC/AD/ID/IE/Jv,K40 AF/ID/IP, K42F/ JP/Jr/JK/Ja/JB/JC/Dr/JV/JE/JZ/JY/JZ/DE/DY/N,K43A4/BR/SA/SD/SJ/SL/SM/SV(Dual core)/SJ/TA/TK, K45A/DE/DR/VD/VJ/VM/VS, K50AB/AD/AF/ID/IE/IP,K501LX, K51, K52DE/DR/DY/Jr/Jc/Je/JK/JB/JC/JU/JT/JZ/DR/N,K53E/SC/SD/SK/SM/SV/SJ/SR/TA/TK,K54HR/LY,K55A/DE/DR/N/VD/VJ/VM/VS, K61, K62Jr, K70AB/AC/AD/AE/AF/IO/IC/ID, K72DR/DY/JK/Jr/JT/JU,K73E/SD/SJ/SM/SV(Dual Core) /TA/TK,K75A/DE/VD/VJ/VM,K84HR/LY,K95VJ/VM, L50, L80, M50, M51Sr/Se/Sn/Kr/Ta/Tr/Va/Vr, M60, M70, N43 JC/JF/JM/Jn/Jv/SD/SL/SM/SN,N45SL/SN/SF,N46VB/VJ/VM/VZ,N50, N51,N53DA/Jf/Jg/JN/Jq/SM/Sv(Dual Core)/SN(Dual Core)/TA/TK,N550JA/LF/ZE,N55SL/SF/SM,N56DP/DY/VB/VM/VZ,VV/VJ, N60, N61 DA/JQ/JV, N63JN/JQ, N70, N71Vn with Dual Core CPU, N71Vg/Ja/Jv, N73 JG/JF/JN/SV,N750JA/JB/JV, N76VB/VJ/VM/VZ, N80, N81,N82 JG/JQ/JV N90,P31JG/SG, P42JC,P43SJ, P45VJ,P52Jc,P53SJ, P82Jr, PRO35JG/SG, U3, U6S/Sg/V/Vc, U30 /JC/SD , U31JG/SD/SG,U32VJ/VM, U33 JC/Jt,U36SD/SG,U37VC,R400DE/DR,R401V/R401VZ,U40SD, U41JF/SD/SV, U43JC/SD,U44SD/SG,U46SM/SV,U47VC, U53J/JC/F/SD, U82, V1, V2, VX2, VX2S, VX3,X35SG/JG,X42JY/JZ,X43SA,X44HR/LY,X450/CF/JB/J/JF/JN/VB/VC/VE/VF/VP/ZE,X55VD,X550DP/ZE,X555DG,X71,X75VB/VC/VD,X750JA/JB/JN/VB(90W),X751LK/LX,

    X756UX, X450JB.

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