Arctic Z1 PRO Desk Mount Monitor LCD LED TV Arm 4Port USB Hub 23 24 25 27 30 32"

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Arctic Z1 PRO Desk Mount Monitor LCD LED TV Arm 4Port USB Hub 23 24 25 27 30 32"


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Versatile Installation - Free Space on Your Desk

Powered USB 3.0 Hub 

This hub does not just add convenience, but allows running 4 power-hungry devices (total 2.9A).

Cable Management
With Cable Management 
Without Cable Management 

Complete Flexibility
With the 3-way articulating arm, you can adjust your monitor according to your preference in an easy and convenient way. A flexible monitor 
setup is ideal to show something to your colleagues or fold away the monitor.
Creating Space 
Showing something to a colleague 
Prolonged Comfort
Prolonged working hours may put you at health risks. The Z1 Pro brings your monitor into the ideal position, independent of your desk 
height and allows an optimal posture.


+/- 15 В°
360 В°
75 / 100
Maximum Monitor Weight:
75 / 100
10 kg (22 lbs) per each arm
LCD size:
13" - 32"
*The capacity of the monitor arm also depends on the quality of table. Honeycomb-structured or Sandwich-structured tables with hollow pockets may not be suitable for monitor arms. Examples of NOT recommended tables, using a paper honey comb filling: IKEA MALM Desk, IKEA TORNLIDEN, IKEA ODDVALD, IKEA LINNMON, IKEA LALLE, IKEA TORNLIDEN, and IKEA ADILS Desk

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